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I have not been given a name yet. On this day I was photographed in Bondi, Sydney along with an entourage of small fish keeping me company. Based on the algae on my teeth and the size of me I am likely to be a pregnant female about to give birth. Due to the difficulty in matching my unique birthmarks it will be unlikely you will see me again as I cannot be accurately matched to a shark in the Spot a Shark database. By adopting me you will be showing support to the Grey Nurse shark population overall, and of course you will get to name me!

Unidentified Shark

  • By adopting a shark, you can give it a nickname, and you will receive a certificate and information pack in the post (or elecrtonically) and receive updates each time it is spotted by citizen scientists. Funds raised through greynurse shark adoptions are used to maintain the Spot A Shark programs and to support additional Grey Nurse shark research and conservation.

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