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Harry the shark (ID L0243)

Harry, male, approx age 13.


  • 02-Feb-2014 - Harry first sighted in Magic Point, Sydney as a juvenile shark without clear claspers

  • 11-Mar-2015 - Harry sighted again in Magic Point, Sydney again with little showing of claspers but some new scars above gills.

  • 18-Jan-2018 - Harry sighted at Broughton Island, this time with very clear claspers. Now a mature male.

Betty the shark (ID R0188)

Betty, female, approx age 15.


  • 13-Apr-2013 - Betty first sighted at Magic Point looking healthy (other than some gill damage)

  • 14-Mar-2014 - Betty seen at Magic Point with a fish hook in mouth

  • 24-Apr-2019 - Betty sighting in Shell Harbour with a damaged tail, following a potential boating accident

  • 20-Jul-2021 - Betty's most recent sighting in Bondi with a healed tail, and showing signs of being pregnant

Lumpy the shark (ID L1045)

Lumpy, male, approx age 13.


  • 21-Sep-2011 - Lumpy's first sighting at Magic Point, measuring ~120cm in length. Slight signs of scoliosis. Po

  • 28-May-2015- Lumpy spotted again with much more visibly evident signs of scoliosis

  • 16-Jun-2017 - Lumpy again seen in Sydney with clear evidence of his scoliosis

  • 31-Jul-2021- Lumpy hanging around the female sharks in Bondi, Sydney, Sydney

  • 01-Jan-2022 - Lumpy with friends in Bondi

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